Bags - Frame

Miss Grape Internode Frame Bag
Miss Grape
Internode Frame Bags

Bikepacking frames bags available in 3 sizes

RRP from £90.00

Miss Grape Node Top Tube Bag
Miss Grape
Node Top Tube Bag

RRP £50.00

Passport Frame Bags
Frame Bags

Bikepacking frame bags in 3 sizes

RRP from £29.99

Passport Top Tube Bag
Top Tube Bag

Water resistant with smart phone compartment

RRP £19.99

Surly frame bags
Surly - Parts
Frame Bags

Specific fit frame bags for Surly bikes

RRP from £179.99

Straggle-Check Frame Bag
Surly - Parts
Straggle-Check Frame Bag

Specific frame bags for Surly Straggler & Cross Check

RRP from £199.99

Surly Tool Bag
Surly - Parts
Tool Bag

waterproof tool bag

RRP £14.99

Surly Dummy Bags
Surly - Parts
Dummy Bags

Designed to work with our Big Dummy cargo bike Xtracycle Longtail com..

RRP £269.99

Surly Dummy Deck
Surly - Parts
Dummy Deck

A light, durable platform Xtracycle's Longtail compatible

RRP £89.99

Surly Big Dummy Bag Jump Strap
Surly - Parts
Big Dummy Bag Jump Strap ..

Replacement Jump strap for Big Dummy cargo bag

RRP £7.50

Surly Dummy Rails
Surly - Parts
Dummy Rails

Light, strong aluminum rails Support your cargo rails

RRP £89.99

Surly Big Dummy Rail Collars
Surly - Parts
Big Dummy Rail Collars

RRP £39.99

Surly Dummy Cargo Kit
Surly - Parts
Dummy Cargo Kit

Dummy Rails, a pair of Dummy Bags, and a Dummy Deck Spec on our Big D..

RRP £379.99

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