The Trade prices we show on the Ison B2B include UK Duty (pre-paid) - but exclude UK VAT. Prices are shown in £ Sterling (GBP).

Additional charges for Duty and VAT will be charged on Import to other Countries by your local Government.

How much will I pay for the products I want to receive?

When you purchase from this website for Export and then Import those into the EU (or any other Non -UK Country/State), the final cost of your products can be calculated as:

Item Price (UK VAT Free)
Shipping charges (variable - depending on destination, shipping company, weights and terms - maybe free)
Customs Administration fee (variable - depending on the shipping company)
Duty (variable based on the commodity code, Country of Origin and your local rate.)
VAT (charged at your local Country VAT rate.)

(Note: For most EU VAT registered businesses, VAT is reclaimed from your Government after being paid, in the same way that VAT is added and paid to your normal Trade supplier invoices. So, for trade customers, it is not an extra cost to the goods in reality. VAT is added to your customer's invoices when you sell-on)

For EU customers:

IMPORTANT: Business to business transactions between the UK and an EU member states:

  • Companies are required to use their EORI numbers for both parties for Customs reporting.
  • Northern Ireland has a special status and requires both parties to use XI-EORI numbers for reporting.
  • Detailed Invoice descriptions, HS codes, COO codes and product Weights are also required for Customs reporting on each product line shipped.

UK VAT Free prices for EU Export customers.

When we export products outside of the UK - then the UK VAT amount is not due to the UK Government, and so the price of the goods alone, without UK VAT being added is applicable.

Additional Charges for Exports/Imports

When goods pass from the UK to other Countries as imports, then the local Government will apply their own Tax rates to those items. There are 2 main tax types to be considered: Duty and VAT. Additional administration charges may also be added by carriers for handling Customs entry. The total cost of VAT and Duty will be collected by freight carriers before delivery.

DUTY (Import Tax)

Customs Duty is a Customs import Tax charged extra upon the product value by Customs on Import. The amount of Duty charged is variable dependent on the combined effects of 2 main issues:

  1. The 'Commodity Code' (HS Code = 8-10 digits).
    (Each type of product is assigned an Internationally recognised code - the HS code)
  2. The Country of Origin of the product (COO code = 2 letters - e.g. GB or DE etc).
    (COO indicates the place where the product is recognised as being 'Made')

Note: The HS Code and the COO of each product is shown in the website 'order basket' for your easy reference to check the Duty payable.*

VAT (Sales Tax)

VAT = Value Added Tax.
This the local (Country) Government Tax that is added to the price of products that are purchased by retail consumers. Rates vary. VAT is added on import into a Country by Customs.

EU Duty rates - a quick approximate guide:

  1. Bicycle Parts and Accessories
    For the majority of the Bicycle Parts and Accessories that we typically supply (i.e. made in Taiwan), the typical EU Duty charge for most items is around 5%. A few exceptions do exist - so if in doubt - please check before purchasing. e.g. Currently, 'Suspension Forks' (and Parts of) - that are made in the USA will currently attract an EU Duty of 25%.
  2. Complete Bicycles
    For the majority of Bicycles that we might supply (i.e. made in Taiwan), the typical EU Duty charge for most Bicycles is around 15%. A few exceptions do exist - e.g. Bicycles with a COO of China may incur EU Anti-Dumping duty of 50% or so - therefore, so if in doubt - please check before purchasing.

Shipping charges

Shipping charges are variable - some customers receive free shipping depending on terms (if applicable)

Customs Administration fee

This fee is variable depending on the shipping company
- but typically adds around £5 for DPD inside the EU - per shipment)

EU DUTY rates

You can find the Duty rates applicable to a product on Import to the EU by checking BOTH the product's Commodity Code (HS Code) and Country of Origin (COO) here:

EU VAT rates

VAT rates will be charged at your local VAT rates, which vary between EU Countries.

BREXIT - a simplified view:

The United Kingdom left the European Union on December 31st 2020.

Prior to Brexit, the UK was inside the EU, and goods, services and people could effectively move freely across the borders without any apparent extra Duties or Taxes being charged.

This is no longer possible. The UK is now independent of the EU and the Duties and Taxes charged by the UK and EU are separated. The UK now trades with the EU in the same way as the UK or EU might trade with other Countries in the World - such as the USA or Japan, except where the 'Free Trade Deal' has an effect.

As part of Brexit, a so called 'Free Trade Deal' was agreed between the UK and the EU. However, this is a complex issue and means that many things have now changed on the Taxes and Charges for products crossing the borders.

A simplified view of the issues around Free Trade products is that products 'Made' locally (either in the UK or EU) can benefit from the 'Free Trade Deal', but otherwise, most products that were made elsewhere, and are then being sent across the borders between the UK and EU will incur the same Taxes as if they were being moved from anywhere else in the World in the first place. i.e. Import Duty will be applied again (Double Duty) as they cross the border in either direction... unless the products have a special status. This means that for the majority of standard items, they will incur Duty charges from being imported in both places - if that process occurs - i.e. 'Double Duty' will apply.

e.g. A saddle - made in Taiwan and shipped to Germany will incur the EU Import duty at the border. If that same saddle is then sold from Germany to the UK - it will incur another layer of Import Duty from the UK Customs. The same position would occur vice versa. i.e. Import Duty will be applied again (Double Duty) as products cross the border in either direction... unless the products have a special status.

COMMON TARIFF CODES (Commodity Codes) that are used in the Bicycle Industry for easy reference:

Tariff Code Description
1704909900 Energy Bars
3405901000Metal Polish
3919900000Self Adhesive Tape
3923299000Packaging - Plastic
3923301000Plastic Bottles
3923509000Plastic Bottles
3924100000Tableware - Plastic
3926909700Plastic Items
3926909790Plastic Items
4011500000Tyres - Bicycle
4013200000Inner Tubes - Bicycle
4016100000Vulcanised Rubber items
4205009000Leather Items
4602120090Wicker Baskets
4821109000Printed Paper/Labels
4821909000Printed Paper/Labels
5810929090Embroidered Patches
6109100000T-Shirts - Cotton
6109902000T-Shirts - Man Made
6110113000Jersey/Knitted - Mens
6110119000Jersey/Knitted - Womens
6110200000Jersey/Jumpers - Cotton
6110300000Jersey/Jumper - Man made
6114303060Other Man made Clothing
6115940000Socks -Wool
6115960000Socks - Synthetic
6116102000Gloves - Impregnated
6203339000Jackets - Mens
6204339000Jackets - Ladies
6307909900Woven Articles
6404110000Cycling Boots
6505003000Caps - Baseball
7318155199Nuts and Bolts
7318156199Nuts and Bolts - Other
7318161010Ny-Lock Nuts
7318161099Ny-Lock Nuts - Other
7318220091Washers - Stainless Steel
7323931000Flasks - Stainless Steel
7326205000Wire Baskets
7326909800Basket Supports
7326909890 Trouser Clips
7616100099Alloy Bolts
8205598000Hand Tools
8205599000Hand Tools
8207401000Hand Tools - Taps
8304000000Paper/Filing Racks
8308900090Belt Buckles
8414202000Bicycle Pumps
8481804090Inner Tube Valves & Parts
8482101000Bearings - Loose
8482800000Bearings - Sealed
8714919000Fork Spares
8714949019Brake Levers
8714969000Crank Spares
8714999089Other Bicycle Parts
9026208090Pressure Gauges
9029203890Cycle Computers
9506999000Protective Sports Equipment
9603909900Cleaning Brushes