Frames - Cross/Gravel

All City Macho Man Disc Frame 2016
All-City - Bikes
Macho Man Disc Frameset

New 2016 Colours

RRP from £525.00

All City Macho King Ltd Frameset
All-City - Bikes
Macho King Ltd Frameset

Reynolds 853 tubing with Whisky No. 9 thru-axle carbon fork

RRP from £1000.00

All City Natureboy frameset
All-City - Bikes
Natureboy 2017 Frameset

Canti brake single speed cross bike

RRP from £450.00

All City Nature Boy Disc Frameset
All-City - Bikes
Nature Boy Disc Frameset

CX SS Disc Brake Only

RRP from £525.00

All-City Nature Boy 853 Disc Frame and Fork in green and white
All-City - Bikes
Nature Boy 853 Disc Frames..

Reynolds 853 main triangle Whisky No7 Fork

RRP from £999.99

All City Nature Boy 853 in teal and white
All-City - Bikes
Nature Boy 853 Frameset

Race version of the Nature Boy disc

RRP from £1000.00

The Light Blue Darwin Frame Set
Light Blue Sport
Darwin Frame Set

Extremely versatile frameset that can be built in many configurations ..

RRP from £549.99

Surly Cross-Check Frameset
Surly - Bikes/Frames

Cr-Mo CX frameset Multi-tasking...

RRP from £475.00

Surly Cross Check Frame and fork in Dream Tangerine
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Cross-Check Frame Set

Gnot-rite 132.5mm Rear Dropouts Canti Brakes

RRP from £399.99

Surly Cross-Check 2017 in Mule Mug
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Cross Check Frameset

2017 Colours

RRP from £475.00

Surly Straggler Frameset
Surly - Bikes/Frames

A Cross Check with Discs, sort of... New 135mm Dropouts. Magenta, Mi..

RRP from £550.00

Straggler 650b frameset
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Straggler 650b

Smaller wheels for smaller riders Glitter Dreams and Closet Black

RRP from £449.99

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