Stunt Pegs - BMX

4-Jeri Exciter BMX stunt Pegs
Exciter Pegs

Cr-Mo Ribbed Freestyle Pegs

RRP £12.99

Demolition Team Pegs
Demolition BMX
Team Pegs

Cromo stunt pegs

RRP £29.99

Demolition Bipolar Peg
Demolition BMX
Bipolar Peg

Lightweight peg constructed of a polymer blend of plastic

RRP from £9.99

Soap Bar Grind Wax
Demolition BMX
Soap Bar Grind Wax

Demolition Soap Bar Wax

RRP £8.99

Tioga MX Comp Pegs
MX Comp Pegs

Cr-Mo semi ribbed pegs

RRP from £10.99

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