Chainring Spares

Gusset Chainring Adpators
Gusset Components
Chainring adpators

Gusset chainring adpators for various crank types.

RRP £3.50

Dia-Compe Chainring Bolts
Chainring Bolts

Single speed alloy torx chainring bolts

RRP from £21.99

Gusset Maz Chainwheel Bolt
Gusset Components
Maz chainwheel bolt

Maz chainwheel bolt headless torque bolt M10x1.5mm

RRP from £1.99

ID Alloy Chainring Bolts
Alloy Chainring Bolts

Alloy chainring bolts anodised colours (1/3 the weight of steel).

RRP from £11.99

ID CR-MO Chainring Bolts
Cr-Mo Chainring Bolts

High quality steel, Chrome plated chainring bolts

RRP from £5.99

ID Stainless Steel Chainring Bolts
Stainless Chainring Bolts

Stainless steel chainring bolts

RRP from £12.99

ID Outer Chainring Spacers
Outer Chainring Spacers

Precision CNC machined alloy spacers.

RRP from £0.75

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