Lubricants & Solvents

Mini Grease Gun
Mini Grease Gun

Vacuum Primed Ideal for home use

RRP £14.99

Dualco Needle Nozzle
Needle Nozzle

4" XL Nozzle for Mini Grease Gun

RRP £13.99

Dualco Pro Grease Gun
Pro Grease Gun

Spring Plunger & 2" Nozzle

RRP £29.99

Bike Cleaning Brush Set
Dirtwash by Weldtite
Bike Cleaning Brush Set

RRP from £6.99

Weldtite Grease Gun
TF2 by Weldtite
Grease Gun

Includes 150g Tube of Teflon Grease

RRP £16.99

Dirtwash Brush
Dirtwash by Weldtite
Softwash Brush

Soft bike cleaning brush with comfortable handle

RRP £5.99

Dirtwash by Weldtite Sprocket Cleaning Brush
Dirtwash by Weldtite
Sprocket Cleaning Brush

Double Ended

RRP £3.50

Buzzy's Slick Honey
Slick Honey

Susp. Fork Grease Various Sizes

RRP from £9.99

Fibrax disc brake cleaner
Disc Brake Cleaner

400ml aerosol

RRP £6.99

Purple Harry Bike Maintenance Spray
Purple Harry
Bike Maintenance Spray

750ml or 100ml Removes moisture and lubricates

RRP £3.49

Purple Harry Display Unit
Purple Harry
Display Unit

Display unit for Dealer Stocking Kit

RRP £100.00

Renthal Chain Lube
Chain Lube

Chain and Sprocket Lubricant 250ml bottle

RRP £8.50

Rohloff Chain Oil
Chain Oil

Environmentally friendly biodegradable formula.

RRP from £7.99

Rohloff Speedhub Transmission Oil
Speedhub Transmission Oil ..

RRP from £4.50

Pure Eco Display Stand
Pure Eco Display Stand

Full cleaning & lubrication range display stand.

RRP £230.00

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