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Macho Man Disc complete bike orange
All-City - Bikes
Macho Man Disc

The Macho Man you know and love, with disc brakes

RRP £1499.99

All City Macho Man Yellow
All-City - Bikes
Macho Man

The geared tag team partner of the Nature Boy.

RRP from £1099.99

The Light Blue Robinson Rival 1x in Volcano orange
Light Blue Sport
Robinson 1x

Interesting build option for the more adventurous Robinson Rider

RRP from £1499.99

Surly Cross Check
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Cross-Check 10 Speed

10 Speed version of Surly's Cross Bike. Dream Tangerine

RRP from £1099.99

Surly Cross Check 10 speed in gloss black
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Cross-Check 10 speed

10 Speed version of Surly's Cross Bike. Gloss Black

RRP from £1250.00

Surly Cross Check 9 speed bike in Gloss Black
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Cross Check 9 speed

Complete Bike. Gloss Black

RRP £999.99

Surly Cross Check Flat Bar
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Cross Check Flat Bar

New for 2017

RRP from £1000.00

Surly - Bikes/Frames
Cross-Check SS

Single speed version of Cross-Check Cuba Libre

RRP from £799.99

Surly Cross Check Single Speed
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Cross Check Single Speed

Flat bar complete bike

RRP £799.99

Surly Straggler 650b in Magenta
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Straggler 650b

Smaller wheel version for smaller riders, Glitter Dreams or Closet Bl..

RRP from £1349.99

Surly Straggler
Surly - Bikes/Frames

A Cross Check with Discs, sort of..... Avid BB7 Brakes, CX50 Cranks, ..

RRP from £1349.99

Surly Straggler 1x
Surly - Bikes/Frames
Straggler 1x

One By version of the Surly Straggler

RRP from £1750.00

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