Chain Accessories

4-Jeri SS Tensioner
SS Tensioner

Spring loaded chain tensioner

RRP £19.99

Dia-Compe Carbon Chainstay Protector
Carbon Chainstay Protector..

Self adhesive chainstay protector

RRP £19.99

Demolition Chain Tensioner
Demolition BMX
Chain Tensioner

Lightweight alloy chain tensioner

RRP £9.99

Genetic Anti-Drop chain Guide
Anti-Drop Guide

Reduces chain drop

RRP £11.99

Genetic Track Chain Tensioners
Track Chain Tensioners

Lightweight and simple chain tensioners

RRP from £14.99

Genetic Track Tensioner QR Adaptor
Track Tensioner QR Adaptor..

Adapts 10mm tensioner to accept 5mm QR rod.

RRP £5.99

Genetic Fender Chain Tug
Fender Chain Tug

Chain tensioners with M5 mudguard mount

RRP £17.99

Gusset 2-Tugs Chain Tensioners
Gusset Components
2-Tugs Chain Tensioners

BMX-style chain tugs

RRP £14.99

Gusset Disco Chain Tensioners
Gusset Components
Disco Chain Tensioners

Straight forward, simple, strong steel BMX chain tensioners

RRP £9.99

Gusset Squire SS Tensioner
Gusset Components
Squire SS Tensioner

Lightweight sprung type chain tensioner.

RRP £26.99

Gusset Squire SS Tensioner Spring
Gusset Components
Squire SS Tensioner Spring..

Replacement Spring for Squire SS tensioner

RRP from £2.99

Gusset Bachelor SS Tensioner
Gusset Components
Bachelor SS Tensioner

Fixed position chain tensioner for rigid frame bikes.

RRP £16.99

Gusset Bachelor SS Tensioner Roller
Gusset Components
Bachelor SS Tensioner Roll..

Replacement Roller for Bachelor SS Fixed tensioner

RRP £7.99

ID Overshift Protector
Overshift Protector

Resin, clamp-on overshift protector

RRP from £3.99

N-Gear Jump Stop
Jump Stop

Prevents chain dump.

RRP from £11.99

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