Singletrack final review Surly ICT


When the reviewer buys the bike at the end of the test period it speaks volumes!

Sanny from Singletrack has been riding/testing a Surly Ice Cream Truck for just over a year and during that time he has fallen in love with it!
So much so that he bought it!

Sanny's Conclusion:
Once you get your head around the weight and looks, the Ice Cream Truck offers incredible levels of performance in a variety of terrain from big mountain rides to family pootles. It’s not a bike for everybody but if you are open to it, don’t be surprised if you succumb to its charms and your other bikes end up gathering dust.
It is without doubt the best bike I have ever had the pleasure of riding. I love it!

Sanny's Final Review

Surly Ice Cream Truck:


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