Passport Seat Packs
Seat Packs

Bikepacking Seatpacks

RRP from £55.00

Passport Priority QR Seat Pack
Priority QR Seat Pack

An excellent size for a spare inner tube, tyre levers, multi-tool, etc

RRP from £22.99

Passport Top Tube Bag
Top Tube Bag

Bikepacking Top Tube Bag

RRP £19.99

Passport Wicker D-Baskets
Wicker D-Baskets

Traditional wicker bicycle basket

RRP from £29.99

Passport Rectangular Wicker Basket
Rectangular Wicker Basket

High quality natural Wicker basket

RRP £39.99

Source Brisk Hydration Pack
Source Outdoor
Brisk Hydration Pack

A low-profile and lightweight Hydration Pack. 2L or 3L sizes.

RRP from £45.00

Source Fuse Hydro pack in Light Blue
Source Outdoor
Fuse Hydration Fuse 3+9L B..

A lightweight mid-volume pack

RRP £70.00

Source Ride Hydration Backpack in blue
Source Outdoor
Ride Hydration Backpack

12 + 3L hydration pack

RRP from £80.00

Source Outdoor
Rapid Hydration Pack

This pack is made for biking or running

RRP from £59.00

Source Spinner NC
Source Outdoor
Spinner NC

Kids Hydration backpack

RRP from £50.00

Spry Hydration Pack for Kids
Source Outdoor

Hydration Pack for Kids

RRP from £55.00

Source Ultimate Hydration Kit
Source Outdoor
Ultimate Hydration Kit

Includes 2L Widepac, plus Universal tube adaptor and QR heads

RRP from £43.00

Source Verve Hydration Pack
Source Outdoor
Verve Hydration Pack

low profile Hydration Pack

RRP from £90.00

Source Widepac Divide
Source Outdoor
Widepac Divide

Carry two drinks in one Hydration System

RRP from £39.00

Source Widepac Filter Hydration System
Source Outdoor
Widepac + Filter

The new Widepac with inline Sawyer Mini Filter

RRP £70.00

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