How To Use This Site

These guidelines for using this site are not compulsory, but various research proves they can save you a lot of time.

  1. Limit your search at the top of the page by clicking on one of the categories (either BICYCLE or OTHER SPORTS), Also you can limit your search even more by selecting a sub category below the main ones.
  2. Once this is done, the product categories, listed on the left of the page will change (depending on your selection), yellow are BICYCLE categories, grey are OTHER SPORTS categories, then move the mouse so the cursor (arrow) is over one of these categories, your sub categories will appear in a list.
  3. You can then click on one of these sub categories to retrieve the products in that category. Otherwise, click 'All' to retrieve all products in that category.
  4. It is possible to limit your search even more by selecting a brand from the drop down list above. Use the mouse to click on the arrow pointing down, then select the brand you wish to view products for.
  5. You can perform this limitation process in the order suggested above, or in any particular order you wish, or by only choosing one limitation. However, the more you can limit your search, the easier you will find your product.

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