Tools - Brake

Cyclo Universal Bleed Kit
Universal Bleed Kit

For hydraulic brakes

RRP £49.99

Gusset Hydro Chute Bleed Parts
Gusset Components
Hydro Chute Bleed Parts

Re-build kit for Gusset Hydro Chute Brake

RRP £6.99

Cyclo 4th Hand Tool
4th Hand Tool

Cable tensioner. Pulls & holds inner cable.

RRP £26.99

ID 4th Hand Tool
4th Hand Tool

Inner wire pliers to pull cables taut.

RRP £11.99

M-Wave Hydraulic Hose Press Tool
Hydraulic Hose Press Tool

Presses hydraulic hose couplings into bicycle brake hoses

RRP £39.99

Hydraulic Hose Cutter
TB-HC20 Hydraulic Hose Cut..

Precisely cuts non-metallic hydraulic bicycle brake hoses.

RRP £12.99

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