Rims - Spares

Halo Rim Hole Converters
Rim Hole Converters

Schrader to presta rim converter

RRP £2.50

Halo Chaos Decal Kits
Chaos Decal Kits

Coloured decals for Chaos wheels

RRP from £19.99

Halo Vortex Decal Kits
Vortex Decal Kits

Coloured decals for Vortex wheels

RRP from £19.99

Halo Nylon Rim Tapes
Nylon Rim Strips

Anti-rot, high pressure rim tapes

RRP from £2.99

Halo Fat Bike Rim Tape
Fat Bike Rim Tape

High strength nylon rim tape for fat bike wheels

RRP £3.99

Halo Tubeless Rim Tape
Tubeless Rim Tape

Self adhesive, high pressure tubeless rim tapes

RRP from £8.99

Tubeless Rim Tape Workshop Rolls
Tubeless Rim Tape - Worksh..

100 metre rolls of tubeless tape

RRP from £19.99

Schwalbe Adhesive Rim Tapes
Adhesive Rim Tapes

adhesive prevents slipping under high loads and temperatures

RRP from £7.49

High pressure rim tape
High Pressure Rim Tape

Available in 15 or 18mm widths

RRP from £18.99

Schwalbe Tubeless Rim Tape
Tubeless Rim Tape

very high pressure resistant

RRP from £20.99

Rim tape for Surly Clown Shoe rim
Surly - Parts
Rim Tape for Surly Clown S..

65mm (for 100mm rims)

RRP £5.99

Surly Rabbit Hole Rim Strips
Surly - Parts
Rabbit Hole Rim Strips

PVC rim strips 38mm for 50mm rims

RRP from £5.99

Surly Marge Lite Rim Strips
Surly - Parts
Marge Lite Rim Strips

46mm for 65mm rims

RRP from £5.99

Surly MOBD Rim Strip
Surly - Parts
MOBD Rim Strips

50mm fat bike rim strips

RRP from £5.99

Surly Tubeless Kit
Surly - Parts
Tubeless Kit

Surly My Other Brother Darryl tubeless conversion

RRP £39.99

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