Water Carriers/Hydration packs - Spares

Source Ultimate Hydration Kit
Source Outdoor
Ultimate Hydration Kit

Includes 2L Widepac, plus Universal tube adaptor and QR heads

RRP from £43.00

Source Widepac Divide
Source Outdoor
Widepac Divide

Carry two drinks in one Hydration System

RRP from £39.00

Source Widepac LP Low Profile
Source Outdoor
Widepac LP Low Profile

Low Profile Widepac Hydration System

RRP £30.00

Source Widepac Bladder
Source Outdoor
Widepac Bladders

Hydration bladders including Helix valve & tube

RRP from £28.00

Source Widepac Premium Hydration Kit
Source Outdoor
Widepac Premium Hydration ..

Hydration bladders including Helix valve & tube

RRP from £35.00

Source Widepac Filter Hydration System
Source Outdoor
Widepac + Filter

The new Widepac with inline Sawyer Mini Filter

RRP £70.00

Source WXP Low Profile Reservoir
Source Outdoor
WXP Low Profile Reservoir

Low Profile Hydration bladder

RRP from £32.00

Source Hydration Stockist Pack
Source Outdoor
Stockist Pack

Source Hydration POS Stand with stock

RRP £1882.00

Source Convertube
Source Outdoor
Convertube Kit

Water Bottle Adaptor

RRP £20.00

Source ConverTube Kit & Sawyer Filter
Source Outdoor
ConverTube Kit & Sawyer Fi..

The Convertube turns almost any bottle into a hydration system

RRP £59.00

Source Hipster Bladder 1.5L
Source Outdoor
Widepac Hipster Bladder 1...

Hydration bladder

RRP £22.00

Source Magnetic Hose Clip
Source Outdoor
Magnetic Hose Clip

holds tube of your Hydration System in place

RRP £10.00

Source Bags Rain Cover
Source Outdoor
Rain Cover

Rain cover for Source bags

RRP £19.00

Source Quick Connect Kit
Source Outdoor
Quick Connect Kit

Easily convert your old drinking tube to a quick release tube

RRP £10.00

Source Cleaning Brush
Source Outdoor
Tube Cleaning Brush

flexible tube brush

RRP £13.00

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