Surly - Parts

O.D Crankset Bottom Bracket
Surly - Parts
O.D Crankset Bottom Bracke..

For OD 'fat' cranks

RRP from £69.99

Surly OD BB Bearing kit 2437
Surly - Parts
Surly OD BB Bearing kit 24..

Sealed Bearing Kit For Surly OD BB sets

RRP £29.99

Surly Long Rear cable hanger
Surly - Parts
Long Rear cable hanger

Stainless steel, long reach cable hanger

RRP £12.99

Surly Hurdy Gurdy - Cross Check chain tensioner
Surly - Parts
Hurdy Gurdy

Hurdy Gurdy designed to stop wheel slipping

RRP £39.99

Surly Singleator
Surly - Parts

Spring loaded single speed chain tensioner

RRP £59.99

Surly Singleator Pulley Kit
Surly - Parts
Singleator Pulley Kit

Replacement Pulley

RRP £15.00

Spare Springs for Surly Singleator
Surly - Parts
Spare Springs for Surly Si..

Replacement springs for Surly Singleator

RRP from £4.99

Surly Snuggnut
Surly - Parts

RRP £34.99

Surly Tuggnut QR Adapter Washers
Surly - Parts
Tuggnut QR Adapter Washers..

Spare QR adapters

RRP £3.99

Surly Tuggnut Tensioner
Surly - Parts
Tuggnut Tensioner

For Horizontal Drops includes, bottle opener

RRP £39.99

Surly Tuggnut Chain Tensioner Spare screw
Surly - Parts
Tuggnut Chain Tensioner Sp..

screws for Surly Tuggnut chain tensioners

RRP £6.99

Surly Mr Whirly Axle
Surly - Parts
Mr Whirly Axle

100% CroMoly steel

RRP from £64.99

Surly 4 arm stainless steel chainring
Surly - Parts
Stainless Rings 4arm

Hard wearing, tough Stainless steel chain ring

RRP from £39.99

Surly Stainless steel 5 arm 110 BCD chainring
Surly - Parts
Stainless Rings 5arm

Super tough chainrings

RRP from £39.99

Surly - Parts
Stainless Rings 5arm 130BC..

Stainless steel road chainring

RRP from £64.99

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