Chains/Chain Devices

Gusset Bling Slink Chain
Gusset Components
Bling Slink Chain

The ultimate half link chain in Bling Gold colour finish

RRP from £34.99

Gusset Slink Chrome Plated half link Chain
Gusset Components
Slink Chrome Plated Chain

Half link BMX chain

RRP from £19.99

Gusset Coloured Slink Chain
Gusset Components
Coloured Slink Chain

Coloured Half link BMX Chain

RRP from £22.99

Gusset Oil Slick Slink Chain
Gusset Components
Oil Slick Slink Chain

NEW Oil Slick Colourway Chains!

RRP £29.99

Gusset Squire SS Tensioner
Gusset Components
Squire SS Tensioner

Lightweight sprung type chain tensioner.

RRP £24.99

Gusset Bachelor SS Tensioner
Gusset Components
Bachelor SS Tensioner

Fixed position chain tensioner for rigid frame bikes.

RRP £16.99

Gusset Tank Chain
Gusset Components
Tank Chain

Super Strong BMX chain

RRP £11.99

ID Overshift Protector
Overshift Protector

Resin, clamp-on overshift protector

RRP from £3.99

Mucky Nutz Chain Stay Patches
Mucky Nutz
Chain Stay Patches

Clear protective patches

RRP from £5.99

MRP Steel 2x Guide
MRP - Drivetrain
Steel 2x Guide

Now with steel backplate for budget builds

RRP from £99.99

MRP 2x V2 chain device
MRP - Drivetrain
2x V2

The 2x is designed to work with 2x9/10/11 drivetrains

RRP £114.99

MRP 2x Dual Ring Chain Guide
MRP - Drivetrain
2x Dual Ring Chain Guide

Chain guide for 2x drivetrains

RRP from £139.99

MRP 2x Guide Spare Parts
MRP - Drivetrain
2x Guide Spare Parts

Spares for MRP 2x guides

RRP from £24.99

MRP - Drivetrain
2x CS

Chain device for Dual Ring set-ups

RRP from £89.99

MRP AMg V2 CARB 32-38 IS05 BK
MRP - Drivetrain
AMg (V2) carbon guide

AMg (V2) carbon guide

RRP from £164.99

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