Ison Brings you the latest locks from Squire


The Squire Inigma range, unlocking your locks via Bluetooth using the Inigma Companion app. Simply download the app for all your unlocking needs.

Suitable for use with iOS and Android, never worry about losing your keys again with this revolutionary locking method.

Venturing into the 21st century Squire locks have over 240 years of lock making experience. Every lock is made with the care and attention that this experience brings. This Gold Sold Secure rating D-lock is an example of the design and development that Squire have put into lock making...truly cutting edge stuff.

Well received in this months Cycling Plus.

“The physical lock is super-tough armoured core with a hardened Boron steel shackle that's encased in an aluminium outer with a soft touch polymer bonded to the inner surfaces so it's king to your bike' Ideal protection for someone looking to lock up their pride and joy without causing any damage to the paintwork”

“For those wary of new technology and the potential for hackers to break the code, Squire Assures us that. because the system uses 256- bot AES encryption, it's Safe' So your lock is as protective as the software the lock uses to open it”. - Cycling Plus, July 2020.

Made in the UK by Squire.

For a cutting edge lock, with contemporary features and the highest level of security...look no further!


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