Ison products in the Ride UK 100 hottest BMX products


We are stoked to have so many of our products included in the 2017-18 Ride UK 100

"The purpose of the Ride UK BMX 100 is simple. It’s a compilation of the best BMX parts, accessories and complete bikes that are currently available, irrespective of price, method of sale or country of origin – though of course we have favoured the UK BMX industry where possible.

From the latest products with the newest manufacturing technology available to celebrated classics of the BMX world, the Ride UK 100 celebrates good design and high quality. More than that – we’ve not just chosen the best products, we’ve also chosen the most interesting ones. A BMX bike is a simple machine but we’ve got lots of proof here that there are many clever solutions to designing crucial parts of it."

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We are stoked to have so many of our products included, click on the links below to find out more on each one.

Demolition Paradise Stem 

Demolition Rouge Hub

Demolition Rig Crank 

ODI Staystrong Grips 

TSG Dawn Helmet 

TSG Skate/BMX Helmet 

TSG Riot socks