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All-City have finally released their much-anticipated Loaded Touring video featuring the 2017 Space Horse Disc bike.

Deep in the hills of Tahoe, we explore the true meaning of Loaded Touring: getting loose in the woods, and having all the fun with your friends.

Finally the day is upon us and it's time to unveil the Space Horse Disc video that we made out in the hills of Tahoe. We wanted to show just what our Space Horse is capable of and do so in true All-City fashion. We didn't want to do the pain face, black and white, acoustic guitar, bunch of bros sitting by the fire introspective bike packing / touring thing that has become the norm. Bikes are fun, bikes are a party, and riding through amazing landscapes with your friends is pretty much the best thing you can do on two wheels. We wanted to revel in that joy and freedom! We believe that this is our best work to date and hope that you like it and will share it with your friends. We know it's ridiculous, that's the point.

Make sure you hit full screen it and turn the volume up!

But wait! There's more...

Not only did we get to make a video featuring some of our very favorite people on earth, we also had our team rider SK lay down the vocals with a backing track by Ethan Houser. Some next level shit, we actually made a track!

Loaded Touring Edit

2017 Space Horse Disc:


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