Gusset Components

Gusset Full Throttle Grind Plate
Gusset Components
Full Throttle Grind Plate

Replacement Steel Grind Plate for Full Throttle/Inca Pedal.

RRP £14.99

Gusset Girdles
Gusset Components

Wide Nylon Web Pedal Straps

RRP £27.99

Gusset Merge Pedals
Gusset Components
Merge Pedals

Durable reinforced nylon with metal pins

RRP £34.99

Gusset S2 Pedals
Gusset Components
S2 Pedals

Thin, grippy and just nice.

RRP £79.99

Gusset Slim Jim Axles
Gusset Components
Slim Jim Axles

Replacement Axle & bearing kit

RRP £19.99

Gusset Slim Jim Loose Ball Pedals
Gusset Components
Slim Jim Loose Ball Pedals..

Super sleek slim-line pro platform pedals

RRP £24.99

Gusset Slim Jim CNC
Gusset Components
Slim Jim CNC Pedals

The classic returns with an updated shape and look

RRP £69.99

Gusset Slim Jim Pedals
Gusset Components
Slim Jim Pedals

Super sleek slim-line pro platforms

RRP £44.99

Gusset Maz Pins
Gusset Components
Maz Pins

Replacement flanged pin kits for Gusset pedals

RRP from £4.99

Gusset Slim Jim Nylon
Gusset Components
Slim Jim Nylon Pedals

A Nylon reinforced body version of the Slim Jim

RRP from £39.99

Gusset S2 Pedal Axle Kit
Gusset Components
S2 Pedal Axle Kit

Replacement pair of axles for S2 Pedals

RRP £12.99

Gusset S2 Pedal Rebuild Kit
Gusset Components
S2 Pedal Rebuild Kit

Rebuild kit for S2 pedals

RRP £12.99

Gusset Black Dog 20
Gusset Components
Black Dog 20" Rim

General purpose Dirt and Street double wall rim

RRP from £29.99

Gusset Trix 20
Gusset Components
Trix 20" Rim

Double wall high-end Dirt rim

RRP from £29.99

Gusset S2 AM Saddle - Carbon
Gusset Components
S2 AM Saddle - Carbon

Custom relief channel with Carbon base and rails.

RRP £109.99

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