What Surly Means

The Frame:

At Surly we believe that the frame is the number one contributing factor to ride quality. So that’s the basket we put most of our eggs in. We’re not saying that fancy shifters and brakes aren’t great (we occasionally use them on our completes), we’re just saying that if your looking for a bike with the newest gadgets and gizmos mounted upon it, you’ll likely be happier looking elsewhere. If you’re looking for a frame that will be kick ass to ride, day in and day out for a long long time, then a Surly is where it’s at. Our enginerds spend their time making sure our framesets are the best ride out there; bar none. If you’re in it for the ride, then you’re in the right place.

The Steel:

At Surly we believe that steel is, hands down, the best material for a bicycle. It’s the perfect blend of durability, comfort and performance; there is no other material out there that rides like steel. Nowhere. Now a lot of folks think that a steel bike means that it was built with generic off the shelf tubing (or in some cases NAME BRAND™ off the shelf tubing). At Surly that’s just not the case. We custom butt our tubes for strength and durability and our enginerds tune each tubeset to the specific frame and size so each Surly frame has the same amazing ride. We do it because we ride, we know the difference, and we expect no less from our riders out there. Ride a Surly and feel the difference.