Founder of DIA-COMPE started to produce bicycle brakes in Japan in 1930,and a corporate organization "YOSHIGAI MACHINE & METAL Works CO., LTD". was established in 1949.

Since then, DIA-COMPE has always been leading bicycle market and has been keeping providing high quality products in the world. Our High-quality Bicycle Brake components and Bicycle Accessories are based on our own developed engineering technique, "Aluminium Cold Forge technology".

In 1987 DIA-COMPE TAIWAN CO., LTD. was established as DIA-COMPE group's manufacturing base at Taichung Industrial Park in Taiwan, R.O.C.

Headquarter of DIA-COMPE group, YOSHIGAI Corporation, is in Osaka, Japan. Second manufacturing base, Kunshan DIA-COMPE, was established at near Shanghai, China in 1991.

DIA-COMPE’s basic theory to develop products is thinking safety and comfort of bicycle life. We, bicycle people, must keep a better environment and future for our children to be able to keep riding bicycles forever.

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