Passport Sport Rack
Sport Rack

Modern, lightweight, rigid, tubular alloy sports bike rear rack

RRP from £39.99

Passport Tour Rack
Tour Rack

Lightweight, ultra-rigid, tubular alloy touring rear rack

RRP from £44.99

Surly 24 Pack front rack in silver
Surly - Parts
24 Pack

Large Cro-mo front rack

RRP from £149.99

Surly 8 Pack Rack in Black
Surly - Parts
8 Pack Rack

Cro-mo front rack

RRP from £129.99

Surly Dummy Bags
Surly - Parts
Dummy Bags

Bags for the Surly Big Dummy

RRP £269.99

Surly Deck Bar
Surly - Parts
Deck Bar

Rear deck handlebar for Surly Big Dummy

RRP £90.00

Surly Dummy Deck
Surly - Parts
Dummy Deck

4mm Alloy Cargo Deck to suit Surly Big Dummy

RRP £89.99

Surly Deck Pad
Surly - Parts
Deck Pad

Cargo bike rack pad

RRP £35.00

Surly Kid Corral
Surly - Parts
Kid Corral

Big Dummy child carrying system

RRP £325.00

Surly Dummy Rails
Surly - Parts
Dummy Rails

Light, strong aluminum rails

RRP £89.99

Surly Big Dummy Rail Collars
Surly - Parts
Big Dummy Rail Collars

Collars for use with the Surly Big Dummy frame and Dummy rails

RRP £39.99

Surly TV Tray
Surly - Parts
TV Tray

Expands useable area of Surly racks

RRP £60.00

Surly Long Haul Trucker Kickstand Plates
Surly - Parts
LHT Kickstand Plate

Surly long haul trucker kickstand plates

RRP £14.99

Surly Dummy Cargo Kit
Surly - Parts
Dummy Cargo Kit

Full cargo kit for the Surly Big Dummy

RRP £379.99

Nice Rack, Front in black
Surly - Parts
Nice Rack, Front

Strong, reliable cro-moly. front rack

RRP from £119.99

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