The Light Blue Bicycle Brand

The Light Blue bicycles were first produced in 1895 by John Albert Townsend in Cambridge. 

John Albert’s handmade bicycles were popular with the Town & Gown of what is now often referred to as the UK's cycling capital city.

The Light Blue bicycle brand name was originally inspired by the historic sporting colour of Cambridge University. The historic rivalry between 'The Light Blues' of Cambridge and 'The Dark Blues' of Oxford is most commonly noted in the World famous annual 'University Boat Race'.

In 2005, some 110 years after they first appeared, The Light Blue bicycles were rekindled.

Designed in Cambridge, by the founder’s great grandson, the bikes are given the attention to detail that only four generations of living and breathing bicycles brings.  Developed with a passion and ethos that puts customer satisfaction at the top of the page, the Light Blue bicycles combine traditional style with modern materials and production techniques to deliver machines of exceptional function and form.

The Light Blue brand offers ranges of both finely detailed urban style bikes and also highly acclaimed sports machines.  As always 'The Devil is in the detail.’